Group54 Asclepias fascicularis - Narrow Leaf Milkweed
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Asclepias fascicularis - Narrow Leaf Milkweed

asclepias fascicularis - Narrow Leaf Milkweed this flowering perennial bushy 3 x3 with multiple blooms in lavender/pink/pale green and white from June to September. Milkweed in general is the larval host plant for Monarch butterfly as well as the nectar host for many other butterfly's. Narrow leaf milkweed is one of the easiest of milkweeds to grow, adapting to garden settings, high to low heat and sunshine as well as water. This perennial will grow in most soil conditions from clay to silt and even disturbed grounds. Keep planting milkweed in all of your gardens, and save our Monarchs!

Family Apocynaceae 

Zone  6 - 10


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