Group54 Quercus hypoleucoides - Silverleaf Oak
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Quercus hypoleucoides - Silverleaf Oak

Quercus hypoleucoides the Silverleaf oak is a stunning evergreen oak usually found as a shrub in its native regions, but with plenty of water will grow tree form reaching 30 ft. tall at mature height. Leaves are a beautiful light green grayish long and lobed. Hypoleucoides means "white underneath" and also happens to be the main way it is distinguished by other oaks with its stunning white underneath leaf. The acorn is loved by squirrels, birds and other wild life, although for human consumption it must be leached of its tannic acid due to its toxic qualities. The sliverleaf Oak makes a great specimen tree for yards and landscapes or the perfect street or shade tree for a smaller backyard. Make sure to plant in a moist area with full sun to partial shade. 


Zones 7-9

Family Fagceae


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