Group54 Asclepias speciosa - Showy Milkweed
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Asclepias speciosa - Showy Milkweed

This eye-catching native herbaceous perennial has become a very popular plant recently for its pollinator-attracting abilities. A key component in the diet and habitat of Monarchs, Showy Milkweed is now an essential element to include in your ladnscape! Growing up to 4 feet tall, this delightful plant bears pink-white flowers from May to September. Showy milkweed is the primary plant on which Monarchs ley their eggs, and when they hatch, showy milkweed is the primary source of food for all five instars of the larval stage of the monarch's life cycle. Asclepias speciosa is a found in roadside ditches, fields, around fence posts, railroad tracks and other abandoned/distressed areas. Showy milkweed prefers full sun and will tolerate drought once the plant is established. It can be found in dry areas as well as mesic (medium moist) and will do fine in poor soils but needs good drainage. 

Family: Apocynaceae

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