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Abies grandis - Grand Fir

Abies Grandis is a fir native to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, and it is a leading component of the Grand Fir/Douglas Fir Ecoregion of the Cascade Range. Its needle like leaves are flattened, 3-6 cm long and approximately 2mm wide- glossy dark green above with two white stomatal bands below, and the needles are slightly notched at the tip. A distinguishing feature of Grand Fir is the different length needles arranged in a spiral on the shoot, yet twisted and all lying flattened in the same plane. Grand Fir is a slow-growing tree that can grow from 40m to 70m tall.

These statuesque trees thrive in open, sunny areas with good drainage, and can be used as a choice ornamental specimen in parks. The bark of Abies grandis was used medicinally by indigenous tribes to treat cold and fever. The needles, when handled or rustled, exude an enlivening citrus-like scent, which has helped Grand fir become an American favorite- now commonly used as a Christmas Tree. 

Zones: 1 to 9



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