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Corylus cornuta - Beaked Hazel

Beaked hazelnut is native across much of the US and Canada, and is found in the wild in mid elevation woodlands on both sides of the cascades. It is a rounded, open, and graceful deciduous, suckering shrub that grows up to 9 feet tall and wide. In the winter, it is tinseled with long, creamy white catkins before the leaves emerge, lending to a beautiful and striking presence in the winter garden. The flowers turn into the popular pairs of edible hazelnuts, benefiting humans and animals alike. The leaves are oval to rounded, lightly toothed, and turn a yellow-orange in autumn.

A great choice for a partly shady location that receives regular water, but that is also well drained. It thrives in acidic, organically rich soil with medium moisture. Use it in a hedge or in mass plantings, naturalized areas, shrub borders, and woodland gardens. 

Zones: 4 to 8



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