Group54 Rhamnus tomentella - Hoary Coffeeberry, Mountain Coffeeberry
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Rhamnus tomentella - Hoary Coffeeberry, Mountain Coffeeberry

This broadleaf evergreen shrub grows up to 20 feet tall with a 16 foot spread, and is distinguished by the silvery blue-gray leaves that are covered in tiny, flattened hairs. The branches and twigs range from gray to red in color and have a velvety texture. Inconspicuous flowers are borne in dense clusters of between 5 and 60 flowers! Flowers bloom in spring and then produce small fruits that change from green to red to black when ripe. The berries are great for attracting birds and other wildlife! These shrubs are drought tolerant once established and appreciate full sun. Grow on most soils, but prefer coarse, well drained soil. 

Zones: 7 to 9



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