Group54 Vaccinium ovatum - Evergreen Huckleberry
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Vaccinium ovatum - Evergreen Huckleberry

This broadleaf evergreen shrub is native to the Pacific coastal forests. Grows around 4 feet tall and wide (up to 10 feet tall and wide when in shade!). Upright branches are densely covered with leathery, toothed, evergreen leaves, and small white-pink urn-shaped flowers emerge in spring. These flowers yield small red berries that mature to purple-black in the late summer. Flowers attract bees, birds, and butterflies, and berries attract songbirds, mammals, and humans. These shrubs love acidic soil- mix peat moss into the soil when planting. Plant in part or full shade. Great for the back of a shady bed where its dense habit gorgeous foliage make an enjoyable hedge or border. Flower shops use the branches in mixes with herbaceous bouquets. 

Zones: 6 to 10



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