Group54 Thymus praecox Minus - Minus Creeping Thyme
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Thymus praecox Minus - Minus Creeping Thyme

This miniature thyme with medium-green leaves is gorgeous in a rock garden or along a walk, making dense, solid mats 1-16in. across. The leaves are so tiny, it looks a bit like moss, so you might plant it in areas that get too much sun for moss but where a moss would look good. Once established, it will go creeping between flagstones and pouring over rocks. While it seldom flowers, you might find an occasional pink flower in midsummer. Slow-growing Minus Creeping Thyme appreciates supplemental watering if the winter is dry. Full or partial sun is okay, prefers average to sandy garden soil. Resists deer and rabbit munching and can take light foot traffic.

Zones: 4 to 9



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