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Pinus jeffreyi - Jeffrey Pine

Native to the Siskiyous and into Californias Sierras, Jeffrey Pine is a three-needled pine sometimes mistaken for Ponderosa. Its cones are larger, 5-12inch long, fat, and not as prickly. Bluish needles, 5-10 inches long, remain on the tree for many years, giving it a rather bushy appearance. Bark, silvery in youth, becomes reddish-brown and smells of vanilla, pineapple, or citrus. It grows in serpentine soils. This is a lovely tree, grown by itself or in combination with other natives.  Plant this with Ponderosa Pine and other native conifers for a stately woodland; use Jeffreys, widely spaced, on an open hillside to replicate its natural setting.Very adaptable, it needs good drainage and sun.

Zones: 6 to 8



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