Group54 Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood
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Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood

This deciduous conifer is sometimes referred to as the fossil tree because it was once known only from fossil records! A small grove of living Metasequoias was discovered deep in China in the 1940's. Since then, it has become a favored landscape plant. This ancient tree has silky new needles that stay soft to the touch. Their fresh bright green turns to a warm golden bronze before they drop cleanly in the fall. It grows rapidly to 30-50 feet in twenty years, and may eventually be over 100 feet tall. Winter aspect is delightful, with the red-brown fibrous bark, fluted trunks and interesting branch structure. Small, ¾", cones mature the first year. The Dawn Redwood is tolerant of wet soils; it grows in the full sun, preferring moist, deep, well-drained soil. It does well in our long growing seasons.

Zones: 5 to 8



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