Group54 Garrya fremontii - Fremonts Silktassel
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Garrya fremontii - Fremonts Silktassel

This handsome evergreen native is hardier in cold and heat than the better known G. elliptica. An attribute of distinction is fremontii's glossy, bright green foliage, prized by landscapers. Use as, or in, an informal hedge, among other natives at the edge of a woodland, or on a hillside hard to water. Branches are good for floral arrangements. Birds eat its fruits only when hungry! but welcome its shelter in the winter.

Growing on brushy hillsides and the woodlands of the Cascades, Fremont Silktassel reaches four to six feet tall and as wide. Shiny, dark green leaves are two to four inches long. The male flower tassles in late winter are four to eight inches long, slender and graceful. Adaptable, Fremont Silktassel needs good, sharp drainage. It is not fussy about soil, but a light warm soil is best. It will grow in full sun or moderate shade. Protection from north winds will help it prosper. 

Zones: 5 to 9



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