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Fagus sylvatica - European Beech

Beeches take time to develop, but their beauty at maturity is well-worth waiting for. They are good-looking as small trees, but in time, their wide-spreading form is spectacular. Interestingly, they also make fine hedges if regularly sheared! They can be pruned in many ways, and are favorite bonsai subjects.

One of the most beautiful of the big trees, with branches that sweep to the ground, the European Beech offers much to admire. Glossy, wavy-edged, dark green leaves turn russet and gold in the fall. Gray bark and massive structure--it reaches 50-60' in height by 35-45' in width--are stunning with age. While it can be well-used as a clipped hedge, it needs space to show it off as a specimen. Provide moist, well-drained soil and sun, or partial afternoon shade.

Zones: 5 to 7



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