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Dicentra Formosa - Western Bleeding Heart

Hardy and reliable, the Western Bleeding Heart looks more fragile than it is. Not at all invasive, it will spread over time to cover an area. This is a summer dormant species, so disappears for a couple months each year. Its spring foliage is a good foil for bulbs and hides their dying leaves as well. In a woodland, its dormancy goes unnoticed. If you want to grow them in a more obvious situation, mix them with summer peak plants.

A native perennial with light green, delicately cut leaves 6-20" high, the Western Bleeding Heart is smaller, dantier than the hybrid cultivars. Flower stems rise 6" above the leaves to display pendulous clusters of pale to deep pink flowers from April to June, often again in the fall. Delightful for the woodland, shaded garden with fertile, humus rich soil in partial shade. Provide reliable moisture. This is a favorite in combination with ferns, Wild Ginger, Twinflower, and Vancouveria or Sweet Woodruff.

Zones: 4 to 8



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