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Wood Chips

These are Fresh Ground Trees- excellent for putting around plants to conserve moisture, discourage weeds, prevent erosion and for improving soil health. "Carbon is the fuel for all life in the soil"  so fire up your plant and soil health by liberally slathering this natural product anywhere there is bare ground. Its a natural process!!!

Call to order your wood chips! 541-535-3531
Woodchips are available for pickup at the nursery and by local deliveries ONLY. WE CANNOT SHIP WOOD CHIPS. 
Delivery: $40/yard. $400 or 10 yard minimum for delivery. 14 yard maximum per truck load.
Pick-up: $40/yard. 
In the highest effort to reduce fuel use and decrease our carbon footprint, we will only deliver within a 50mile radius from the Nursery. Of course, special cases may be considered! We love providing folks with our quality products, and we are always open to discussing your needs and evaluating how we can help! 

After placing an order with us for your wood chips delivery, please place a bucket upside-down with a rock on top of it where you want us to deposit the wood chips when we arrive!

For directions to the nursery, click here. 

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