Group54 Hesperocyparis arizonica - Arizona Cypress
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Hesperocyparis arizonica - Arizona Cypress

This stately tree is a native from the southwestern United States into Mexico, and it grows at a medium-fast pace, reaching up to 40 feet (or 80 feet in the wild). It boasts a full, dense conic to ovoid-conic crown. It's strikingly gorgeous foliage grows in dense sprays varying from a dull gray-green to a bright glaucous blue-green hue that tree lovers adore. 

For best results, plant in an area with full sun in an area that is not irrigated- this tree has a high drought tolerance, but it does not fare well in soils without adequate drainage. Tolerates loamy and sandy soil. This tree is a popular cultivar for Christmas Trees, and we love to sell these in our line of Live Christmas Trees! Use as a majestic specimen, windbreak, or Christmas Tree!

Zones: 7 to 9


Genus: Hesperocyparis

Syn. Cupressus arizonica 


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