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Acer triflorum - Three-flower Maple

With its beautiful leaves and curly bark (delightful when tufts of snow are caught in it) the Three-flower Maple is a really choice specimen. Three-part leaves are exquisite, papery in texture, medium green in summer, and have spectacular fall color. Give this outstanding tree a prominent place in your landscape. A beautiful specimen and a focal point in any border, try to site it so that the foliage is backlit for dramatic effect. An interesting grouping might be a grove of Three-flowered Maple, with other trifoliate species: Paperbark, Nikko, and Manchurian. Fascinating!

An exceptionally hardy trifoliate maple with vertically fissured bark, the Three-flower Maple flakes in tight, honey-colored curls. Clusters of yellow flowers are followed by hairy samaras. Fall foliage is most beautiful, a blend of gold and claret-red. Its form is somewhat upright to spreading, twenty to twenty-five feet tall and as wide. Give it moist, well-drained soil and protect it from extreme sun and reflected heat.

Zones: 4 to 7



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