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Acer circinatum - Vine Maple

A small tree or large shrub, the Vine Maple has elegant form and texture. Airy and delicate, often multi-stemmed, this native is as beautiful as any imported species. Plant it in clumps or singly among conifers to set off its bright green foliage, blazing fall color, and winter silhouette. Tiny red flower clusters emerge in April-May to add interest, as well.

An understory tree of our rich coniferous forests, in the wild it can wend its way to considerable height, but as a specimen it grows only 5-20ft. tall. The leaves, nearly round (circinatum), with 5-11 lobes are distinctive, with good color spring, summer and fall. Give this delicate beauty some protection from hot, dry winds, and provide moderate moisture. The seeds are favorite foods of songbirds, game birds and other wildlife.

Zones: 5 to 9


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