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Plant Oregon Landscapes is a fully licensed, Bonded and Insured Landscaping Company.

We are able to provide you with a wide range of Landscaping design and services. Email us with your inquiries and ideas!

It can be a challenge to have a new site to landscape 'from scratch', or to face an overgrown, untended yard, or to re-vitalize areas of your landscape. The easiest place to start is to decide what you want of your landscape: 

What would you like to accomplish?  

Is shade high on your list?

Do you want to create a serene and restful sanctuary?

Do you want to attract birds and other wildlife?

Does a hillside need to be stabilized, its appearance softened?  

Is there a special view to frame, or an unsightly structure to hide?

Is a privacy screen or a dust and noise barrier important?

Would you enjoy a colorful setting for outdoor dining?  

You will enjoy your garden more if you are comfortable with its style.

Your neighbor may have a colorful English Cottage garden, but your home may be better suited to a more formal landscape. The people next door may work in their yard constantly, but if you're pressed for time, perhaps you want a low-maintenance planting.

This is the time to personalize your landscape, design it to reflect your tastes and interests.

There are many books and magazines devoted to landscapes, and it may be helpful to browse some. One approach is to think about places you've enjoyed--a friend's yard, a former home, a park, a special place in nature- what about that place appealed to you?

How can you re-create the important elements you like, even if you can't truly duplicate that favorite camp site, or the yard in a totally different climate to the one you live in now? There are ways to achieve a similar effect, even if it is not exactly the same.

It is very important to know your site. What kind of soil will you be working with? Is it fast-draining, decomposed granite? Heavy, soggy clay, loose, humus-rich, friable loam? Or more likely, some combination of these? Are you dealing with a steep slope? Gently rolling terrain? Or a 'flat-as-a-pancake' site?

Do you have a very small area to work with? Or a large expanse? Are you going to have plenty of water for your plantings, or do you need mostly drought tolerant species? Is part of the site a bog, or constantly wet? There are both challenges and opportunities with any of these conditions.

Do you have existing plants on the site? Are those plants unwanted, weedy species like Star Thistle, or highly desirable natives like Manzanita or Oaks? If they are too thick, overgrown, or scrubby, can they be made into valuable assets with a little care?

Maybe you will need to clean up the site before you can even tell what you've got to work with! We once did a 'renovation' which revealed two unexpected cars under the mounds of blackberries!

In order to select appropriate plants and to determine where to locate 'special' parts of a landscape, you need to be informed about the sun and wind exposures at your location. You will probably have more exposed and more sheltered areas. Where are these? Do they need modification? Watch the various areas you'll be working with over a period of time. Does each get morning  sun and afternoon shade? Does it get a hot blast of sun at four o'clock in the afternoon in August? Is there a part the is in almost total shade from houses, fences, or big trees? What gets dappled sun?

Do you get some air drainage to minimize frost damage, or are you in a pocket that collects cold air? Does air movement provide for gentle breezes in summer, or is your location more like a wind tunnel, suggesting a windbreak might be in order?

The more information you can gather about the microclimates of your site, the easier it will be to design your landscape and select specific plants that will thrive in your conditions. A plot plan is helpful in marking your findings and thinking through various options to create just what you hope for.

We have solutions and ideas to for all of these situations, the equipment and expertise to make it happen. We are happy to meet with you on your site and discuss options and offer solutions that fit your needs and your budget.Please call or email Dave Bish or Dan Bish to discuss our situation. We look forward to working with you! Since we have been working in the Rogue Valley for many years, we have projects all over the place that you are welcome to drive by and look at. 

Daniel Bish