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Plant Oregon guarantees that all trees/plants are true to name and healthy at time of purchase. You should be watering your trees throughout the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall months most importantly for the first two years allowing them to root in. Conifers especially shed the winter rains not allowing the root ball to absorb the water. You should be giving your trees 5-10 gallons of water every other week during the winter months. Drought has been really hard on many plants; supplemental watering is a must for survival. Spring Summer and Fall months your trees should be getting water 3 times weekly for at least 1-2 hours, with longer soaks in the hotter summer months.  The deeper the soak the deeper the roots go for better drought tolerance. We urge you to send photos or call if at any time the tree shows signs of stress or struggle so we can best assist you in your tree’s survival. If you lose a tree, we will offer a replacement for half the cost of the tree you originally paid plus planting cost. Or for free a 1-gallon plant of the same variety that you can pick up.  
Water your trees, Mulch yearly and fertilize 3 times a year for healthy success!