Services & Info


Both Daniel and David Bish have extensive knowledge in many aspects of farming.

They are happy to share the things which we have learned over the past decades of being in the nursery business, landscaping, farming and project development. 

It is often hard for us to charge our new friends for standing out in the sunshine and talking about their farm, irrigation projects or site development. But, our time is valuable to us so we do need to charge a small fee $75 per hours to come out to your place and give you our best thoughts.

We can provide you with economical solutions to:

-Irrigation situations
-Landscape planning
-Tree placement and design
-Driveway placement and design or repair
-Drainage issues, Bio-Swale Construction
-Forest Health
-Soil improvement
-Vegetable Garden and Farming Setup
-Blackberry Removal
-Riparian Restoration

Contact us and we will be happy to schedule a time that works well for you!