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Bolax glebaria nana - Emerald Cushion Bolax

Also known as Azorella trifurcata nana, the Emerald Cushion Bolax is a peculiar, yet profoundly enjoyable evergreen perennial that grows lowly and slowly, forming into a bun or cushion shape. It finds itself at home in rock gardens, alpine troughs, or in pavement cracks. It appears to have a fine texture, but is stiff and brittle to the touch. Tiny yellow flowers emerge in the Summer, adding a brilliant yellow splash of color to its surroundings. These plants require excellent drainage, prefer average to dry soil moisture, and thrive in full sun to partial shade. This is a very useful plant in landscaping projects that require deer and drought tolerance. 

Zones: 4 to 9 (Can even survive in Zone 3!)



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